Why We Need Sentencing Reform

We are dedicated to the cause of sentencing reform.  America’s correctional system is deeply flawed.  The damage wrought by current policies of mass incarceration damage us economically and socially.

Mass incarceration and current criminal justice policy costs billions of taxpayer dollars annually, rips apart families & incarcerates non-violent addicts.  

We need criminal justice and sentencing reform that focuses on rehabilitation of non-violent offenders and programs that will reduce future recidivism.  it’s not just for the inmates…it’s for all of us.

Desmond Tutu said,

“My humanity is bound up in yours, we can only be human together”

We, as a nation, cannot continue to dehumanize people as we currently are in our age of mass incarceration without losing our own humanity.  We need to see inmates as people- people with families, friends, pasts AND futures.




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